Bingo Legends and Icons

Bingo is an entertaining and social game that can be enjoyed in various ways. Additionally, it serves as an excellent teaching tool for children.

Online bingo brings out the social aspect of the game through a simple chat window, offering an excellent way to meet other players and converse with the bingo caller.


Bingo Legends and Icons’ gameplay is fast-paced and involves daubing the numbers that appear on your card. A successful bingo will complete an individual mission square while successfully completing full rows, columns, diagonal lines or four corner lines can earn Blue Motes that unlock new boards to explore.

Players can collect items and rewards from the game, including power ups that help improve their playing experience. These can either be bought in the shop or earned through missions. Furthermore, it features a social aspect whereby rival players compete for top spots on leaderboards.

To join a club, click the green “Find a Club” button in the main lobby and enter the code provided. After selecting your club from a drop-down list, a large green “JOIN!” button will appear for confirmation.


Players place chips on a bingo card whenever a letter-number combination is called out. If they complete any horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or 4-corner line before anyone else does they win the game and the caller will continue calling out combinations until someone wins!

If you manage to secure a full house – with all numbers covering in an impressive row or column – call out “bingo!” The caller will then verify your victory before giving out your prize(s). If all five squares in one line appear in sequence, you’ll win an awesome top prize of 1000 Blue Motes!

The Bingo Event is an exclusive opportunity that provides extra rewards when purchasing items from the Item Mall, including rare Bingo sets you can use to upgrade other equipment.


Add small variations to the game for even greater excitement and enjoyment for all players. For instance, some prefer using food markers rather than bingo chips as markers, with popcorn, grapes, and chocolate being popular choices for this. Introducing these surprises keeps things lively while keeping things exciting!

Some bingo games also provide prizes for players who come close but fall short of victory, known as one-to-go (1TG) and two-to-go (2TG) games.

Another variation is the lucky jar, a container filled with money that becomes lucky when any number called at the beginning of a session becomes “the lucky number.” When calling bingo on this number, anyone calling bingo on it receives money from this container – an effective way of increasing how much you win in bingo sessions!


Bingo has long been enjoyed by gamers around the world for centuries, dating back to New Yorker Lowe who claimed that, after winning a game, his excitement led to him accidentally shouting out “Bingo!” rather than his usual call of “Beano!” It quickly spread throughout North America and then worldwide.

Bingo Legends and Icons features various power-ups designed to increase players’ chances of success, including Instant Win (marking a random square on all cards) and Treasure Square (which marks one square with a treasure chest icon on every card, daubing which will win you an instant prize).


Bingo Clash is a free-to-play online game offering players the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Games are fast-paced and can be completed within just two minutes; additionally, its low learning curve makes it simple for newcomers to start winning right away!

To play bingo, simply mark all the numbers that correspond with the call numbers on your BINGO grid. When you do find a match, a prize legend will appear; simply match all your numbers according to this legend and win its associated prize!

Earn a Club Ball by completing both your own and clubmate cards! Redeem this item in the Shop to redeem for prizes during this collection set only.

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