Top 10 New Slot Games of 2024

Few things captivate the attention like the magnificent green Lion of Merelani in the Smithsonian National Gem Collection; yet even more stunning gems are being discovered all the time.

Recent discoveries include Aquadite, an eye-catching variety of chalcedony featuring vibrant copper flecks that stand out. This newly discovered gem can help players land big wins when used in NetEnt’s space-themed slot.

1. Aquadite

Aquadite is an exquisite gem with gorgeous copper flecks floating within a colorful chalcedony matrix, its name connoting both “aqua” (from its reference to blue sea water) and Aphrodite, goddess of love and the sea.

Rare pezzottaite is prized for its vibrant red or pink hue reminiscent of raspberries. A member of the beryl family, it contains manganese within its crystal structure.

2. Carmel Sapphire

Sapphires are often perceived as being blue, but there is more variety out there. Israeli mining company Shefa Yamim discovered a unique corundum mineral known as Carmel Sapphire with rare inclusions back in 2014 which was recently recognized by the Institute of Mineralogy & Analysis as being a new mineral called Carmeltazite; taking its name from Mt. Carmel in northern Israel and its three chemical components: titanium, aluminum and zirconium.

3. Aquaprase

Discover Earth’s latest gemstone with this captivating blend of soothing aqua and lush green tones – it will enchant you! Appropriately named “Earth’s newest gemstone”, its mesmerizing combination is named for its distinct hue as well as being associated with various metaphysical benefits like relieving depression and curbing cravings for carbohydrates – it is an exciting newcomer in the gem world!

Yianni Melas discovered this breathtaking gemstone in an undisclosed country (for privacy’s sake, he asked that its exact location remain confidential) in 2013. The name Aquaprase refers to its captivating hue; aqua symbolizes blue sea water while prase refers to green.

4. Carmel Diamonds

At a time when gemstone prices are determined primarily by rarity, an extraterrestrial mineral that was only previously found in rocks from space could become more valuable than diamonds on the market. An Israeli mining company called Shefa Yamim discovered Carmel Sapphire or Carmeltazite while searching for sapphires in northern Israel.

From our Kamala Collection comes this magnificent ring featuring an eye-catching Carmel Sapphire center stone with an eye-catching honey-carmel hue. Crafted in an eye-catching rose cut style popular since ancient times.

5. Diamonds in the Roaring Twenties

Saucify’s Roaring 20s slot game celebrates this period with lavish money and lavish living, and features an extravagant soundtrack reminiscent of jazz standards, along with a game engine that pays out according to your total wager amount.

The Deco Diamond symbol in this slot offers a stunning twist on a timeless symbol, paying out on any combination of two or more anywhere on the reels. Long overshadowed by rubies, it can now also be found with striking cobalt blue hues that resemble blue sapphires – making for an eye-catching appearance!

6. Da Vinci Diamonds

IGT’s game offers players looking for an accessible but engaging slot experience an excellent solution, featuring a Renaissance theme and an innovative Tumbling Reels feature that rewards wins as symbols are lost off of its reels.

The bonus round in this game can be activated when four or more pink Bonus icons land across the first three reels, offering six free spins that can be retriggered for a total of up to 300 free games.

7. Diamonds in the Desert

Paraiba tourmaline was first discovered in Brazil during the 1980s and immediately captured everyone’s imagination with its striking blue-green hues, stunning gem collectors worldwide. However, Nigeria and Mozambique also boast rich deposits of this rare variety of tourmaline.

Sunstone, a type of feldspar, was discovered for the first time on Indonesian islands in April 2022 and immediately stood out due to its unique copper flecks. Since that time it has become one of the more sought-after September birthstones.

8. Diamonds in the Sky

Black opals have long been prized gems among collectors and jewelry designers due to their strikingly vibrant spectrum of hues.

Spinel has long been overshadowed by ruby, but is finally garnering the same respect due to its beautiful range of colors and hardness. From deep red hues that mimic ruby’s hues to rare cobalt blue shades reminiscent of cobalt, spinel stands as an invaluable gem worth cherishing in its own right.

Garnet is one of the few gems that can truly be considered natural, as it rarely undergoes any treatments. Furthermore, its palette ranges from vibrant pinks to sea green hues – and makes a beautiful gift!

9. Jewels of the Gods

God delights in jewels – he especially enjoys polished stones and precious minerals, which is evident by his placing gems upon Aaron’s breastplate and keeping some hidden within the depths of earth itself.

These twelve sacred gemstones of Revelations, also referred to as “The Stones of Fire”, can be seen here: Jasper, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Emerald, Sardonyx, Sardius, Chrysolite Beryl Topaz Chrysoprasus Amethyst are powerful when collected and wielded by those with the right intentions.

10. Jewels of the Gods II

Jewels have long been valued for their supposed magical powers and status symbols; when someone discovers how to democratize one, however, this changes the entire dynamic.

Pragmatic Play continues to explore innovative ways of telling stories using its popular Jewel Quest game play. Their latest offering takes players back in time with Gods of Giza slot.

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